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World-renowned Subject Matter Specialists Designing & Delivering Courses

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We engage highly experienced and credible subject matter specialists to design and deliver our courses. Our team have worked as professionals in both the performing arts and corporate arenas, and deliver their subsequent expertise to thousands of individuals and organisations including xxx. Find out more about each trainer here [link].

Unique Workshop-style Experience With 8 Participants. No More Lectures!

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We’ve created a unique learning experience, aiming to minimise the use of the typical lecture-style course format. In each course, we take 8 participants through the course materials in a workshop. You get to learn alongside these people as this unfolds. These 8 participants are a combination of corporate professionals and actors who have not experienced the course before. Therefore, the teachings and questions are raw, sincere and realistic.

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Performing Arts & Leadership Principles. Don't Miss Out On These!

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The performing arts discipline has a lot to contribute to corporate communication skills. Just think about the training an actor would go through to achieve vocal clarity, stage presence and authenticity, and how these same skills would be essential in a corporate context. For this reason, we’ve merged our experience working in both the performing arts and corporate sectors to present you with a fusion of the best communication and leadership techniques and principles.

Access Anywhere, Anytime, In Multiple Formats & with Bonuses

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Have you ever frantically taken down notes during a training, only to later realise that your notes are illegible and your memory of the course content a little mirky? When you purchase our online courses you receive the course in both video and audio formats, and you also come with complementary workbooks (among other bonuses). You only ever need to purchase from us once, and you will receive all future updates of that course. This means you’ll have your information forever.

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