Preparing for a speech or presentation that matters.

with Andrew Lloyde

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A Lack of Presentation Skills

Triggers Fear & anxiety

Diminishes Authority, Influence & Leadership.


Skills are learnable! Our sessions equip you with presentation performance skills by uniquely blending "actor" performance techniques and leadership principles.


Poor presentation skills undermine workplace respect, leadership & influence.

"Some give up on aspirations rather than speak."


With presentation skills your audience senses your confidence, agrees to connect, follows your message and allows you to influence.

Professional presentation skills build a perception you can lead and influence. 


"Presenting well is a learnable leadership attribute. The skills can be learned"

Imagine... walking onto a stage,... entering a zoom meeting... armoured with the vocal, physical and "speech building" skills to successfully present, lead & influence. 

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Meet your Coach

Andrew Lloyde

Andrew trained at NIDA as an actor and taught in and/or headed up key performing arts institutes across Australia for over 3 decades including: ACA, WAAPA, NIDA, etc. 

He has coached many clients from the corporate sector, including some of Australia's key corporations: Qantas, BHP, Westpac, Atlassian, NSW Uni, Sydney Uni, Government sector, etc.

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